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PICKETT'S RENTALS - For more information on Cliff View Villa and Pickett's Apartments and jeep rentals,
contact Wilson Pickett Johnson at (664) 491-5513 or email us at:


There is no island in the Caribbean quite like Montserrat. Home to the Sourfiere Hills Volcano, much of the island was buried under pyroclastic flows. What remains today is a quiet, safe and comfortable sleepy little island that welcomes visitors with open arms. We offer two options to help you settle in to your island adventure - comfortable apartments and luxury villas.

Apartment living is very convenient and affordable. Our apartment complex, in the village of Friths, is close to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory and the little village of Salem. Two and three bedroom apartments are available. Please email for rates which vary according to length of stay

Cliff View Villa is located on the north side of the island in the residential neighborhood of Lookout. Cliff View Villa has panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, the cliffside of Montserrat and the island of Antigua. It is close to the airport and Little Bay area. The 2-bedroom villa is clean and affordable with a daily rate of $150.00 per day; for weekly and monthly rates, please email us at:


For those who like the luxury of a private villa, we offer you a variety of choices depending upon your needs in price ranges to fit every budget. For more information and pictures on individual villas, please click on the links to your right.
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