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Heading into NFL Week 2, the only teams without a game under their belt are the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who had an unconventional bye in Week 1 due to Hurricane Irma.

For the rest of the NFL, it was business as usual in Week 1. Most of the games went exactly as expected, but there was a major upset right out of the gates when the reigning Super Bowl champion Patriots fell to the Chiefs for the first time in history at Foxborough.

Every week, AccuScore updates its 2017 NFL postseason forecast by simulating the remainder of the NFL season 10,000 times to predict win totals, division winners and probabilities of reaching the playoffs on the road to Super Bowl 52. After the first 15 games, let’s look at how the probabilities and Vegas odds of making the NFL playoffs have changed.

After throwing four touchdown passes, Siemian throws an interception, his second turnover of the game. Jourdan Lewis comes up with the pick and returns the interception to the Broncos 39-yard line.

Touchdown Denver. It took just two plays for the Broncos to turn Prescott’s interception into seven points. After an incompletion, C.J. Anderson takes a handoff and sprints up-field for a 23-yard score. Denver’s lead has grown to 35-10 with 6:14 left in the third quarter.

People shouldn’t have to choose. If a guy wants to go about his normal business and participate in the anthem, he shouldn’t be forced to choose sides. If a guy feels the need to do something, he shouldn’t be separated from his teammate who chooses not to.

The Steelers did not protest the anthem last year and had stayed relatively neutral on the national discussion, but President Donald Trump’s verbal attack on NFL players who protest appears to have changed things.

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Thompson was again a difference maker and has four of Washington’s seven offensive touchdowns this season. The Redskins (2-1), who piled up 472 yards, improved to 4-6 in prime-time games under coach Jay Gruden and tied the Philadelphia Eagles for first place in the NFC East.

Under pressure all night, Carr was 19 of 31 for 118 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions. Carr had thrown 112 consecutive passes before being picked off by Montae Nicholson on the second play of the game.

I’ve got to take care of the ball better and I will, Carr said. This isn’t alarming, but we did get punched in the mouth and it’s all about how we respond.

Oakland’s rushing offense, which came in ranked fifth in the NFL, managed just 32 yards.

Whatever that young cat said, Coop, go and take it back, Norman said. Crabtree? I have nothing to say to you. Yes, I may be Cover 2, but I’m Cover 1 too. I’m Cover 1, Cover 2, Cover 3 and Cover 4. All of them. All of the ingredients to make a perfect attack. We do all the extra stuff. When you come out on this field, you going to see about us.

Norman has never been shy going after receivers he feels disrespect him, notably the New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. and the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant.

And Crabtree once had a spat with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

Sherm was right. [Crabtree] ain’t going to say he’s sorry, but I don’t think he’s sorry, Norman said. He sucked, to be honest with you. You don’t come out here and do that extra stuff, man. We don’t play that out here.

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I just thought it was appropriate to stay in because we know what went on this week with the comments that were made by the president. I felt like he attacked our brothers, my brothers in the league, so I felt that it was appropriate to stand up with them and stay in the locker room.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera, meanwhile, said he believes that all players should continue to stand.

We need to look at the flag and listen to the national anthem, Rivera said. We need to think it and vision it for an America that we believe in, that is free from injustice, free from bigotry and free from prejudice. Then when you guys ask me, we tell you that … we believe in America, that we support our military, we support our first responders and we most certainly do not believe in racism and bigotry and we want to see that out of this country.

Kelly has been coaching for 27 years, and he said he has never seen someone like Smith, someone who set the entire tempo for everyone at practice — a linebacker, no less — someone who so greatly touched an entire team.

When we talk about this young man, unique’s not even the right word, Kelly said. He’s got incredible grit. He loves life, and he loves the challenges of it.

The Cowboys seemed to be one of the few teams who listened. It helped that their team doctor, Dan Cooper, performed Smith’s surgery just after the Fiesta Bowl. But even Cooper couldn’t guarantee that the nerve would fully regenerate.

Still, Dallas selected Smith in the second round, and the NFL — and a fan base — held their collective breath and hoped.

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The Texans stuck to their offseason-long guns to start Tom Savage at quarterback in Week 1. Now they’re quickly stuck looking at a lost season �� one that starting rookie Deshaun Watson going forward is unlikely to salvage.

Savage was benched after a terrible first half, one in which he facilitated the Jaguars to build a 19-0 lead by halftime. His indecisiveness and lack of comfort in the face of pressure wasn’t surprising, as Jacksonville’s revamped front sacked him six times, turning one of his two forced fumbles into a touchdown.

It didn’t help that the Texans were without left tackle Duane Brown, caught in a holdout. As bad as Savage’s numbers were (7 of 13, 62 yards passing, 0 TDs, 66.8 rating), Watson ended up being less efficient in relief (12 of 23, 102 yards, TD, INT, 60.4 rating), but he was put in an impossible position to sustain immediate success.

It started early Sunday in London and continued throughout the NFL as players, coaches and even owners locked arms or knelt during the national anthem.
He uses race to advance his own ends, Jeffries told CNN.

Public opinion is mixed on whether professional athletes should be required to stand for the national anthem as Trump would like, and there is a racial split in how Americans process the issue.

More than half of Americans, or 52 percent, said in a September 2016 Marist Poll that sports leagues should require their players to stand for the national anthem. While a majority of whites, 56 percent, said standing should be required, most Latino adults, 55 percent, and nearly half of African-Americans, 48 percent, said athletes should not be made to stand.

As the criticism rolled in, Trump supporters argued that he was expressing patriotism, not targeting African-Americans.

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A political action committee that supports President Trump began an advertising campaign on social media Sunday that encourages NFL fans to turn off games and watch a patriotic movie instead, according to a source close to the committee.

James Harrison told that he did not think anyone was exempt from the pregame plan.

We thought we were all in attention with the same agreement, obviously, Harrison told But I guess we weren’t.

In the past, Villanueva has said he aligned with player frustration over racial injustice, but the sacrifice of the military is too great to minimize the anthem.

Teammates widely respect Villanueva for serving the country, and they made that clear Sunday.

Al is a unique circumstance, what he’s been through, some of the things he’s talked about before, guard David DeCastro said of Villanueva’s decision Sunday.

I’ve got a lot of respect for Al. I wish there was a different way to do this thing. We’ve got some people who look at the national anthem as patriotism, soldiers, all the stuff that it means, and obviously, people are upset, and I understand that. I just wish both sides understand that they want the right thing, but doing it through the national anthem, I wish there was a different way.

Wide receiver Jarvis Landry tweaked his knee in practice late last week but was able to play through it and led the team with 13 receptions. Landry missed Wednesday’s practice and probably will have to manage the injury the next few weeks, but he’s not expected to miss time. — James Walker

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Jordan Howard pushed through the pain in his right shoulder to give the Bears the lift they needed.

Howard scored on a 19-yard run in overtime to lead Chicago to a 23-17 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the 49ers during the offseason. He has not been signed by a new team since then. Several players have continued to protest during the anthem this season.

The only thing you could do better, Trump said Friday, is if you see it, even if it’s just one player, leave the stadium. I guarantee things will stop. Things will stop. Just pick up and leave. Pick up and leave. Not the same game anymore, anyway.

Trump went on to say that NFL ratings are down massively, massively, because people prefer watching him. NFL ratings dropped 8 percent in 2016 compared with 2015.

Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford are well-paid friends because of their current and past ties to the state of Georgia. Ryan has already reached MVP level, and Stafford is making his case to get there — minus a playoff win and a better track record against good teams. Stafford will play well here, but the Falcons will player better around Ryan. Devonta Freeman will keep chugging at a high level, and Julio Jones is overdue to bust out and get the best of Darius Slay. The Lions can move the ball often with shorter throws to their backs and Golden Tate, but eventually, they won’t be able to keep pace with how Ryan rolls on the road.

The Rams can’t stop the run. The 49ers can’t stop the run. Both teams are equipped with some pretty good pass defense in relation, but this game is all about protecting QBs Jared Goff and Brian Hoyer, plus grounding and pounding as much as possible. While Carlos Hyde can match whatever Todd Gurley does, Goff has a few better and healthier weapons than the Hoyer, who’s asking to be benched by Kyle Shanahan soon. The trip up the coast is successful for L.A.

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What has gone wrongThe former 49ers teammates Iupati and Boone are in aging decline, and health issues have hit both Iupati and Humphries. There’s no more David Johnson to make the run blocking look better than it really was, and it has left Carson Palmer caught in a one-dimensional attack trying to sit back and stretch the field �� a formula for a mostly disastrous offense through two games.

Worst Pro Football Focus grade: Veldheer (37.1). He once was a great free-agent pickup from Oakland, but he’s not close to the same player anymore, 30 years old and coming off a right triceps injury. Drafting a bookend for Humphries will be vital in the 2018 draft.

Reason for hope: It’s good that Humphries and Shipley are the Cardinals’ two best players at the two most important positions. They can also change their approach to get the ball out of Palmer’s hands quicker with the tough receivers and backs they have. They might be forced to go short passing as an extension of running game more than they would like in order to overcome.

Among the Bills players who protested during the national anthem Sunday was running back LeSean McCoy, who stretched his legs during the song. Kelly sharply criticized McCoy’s decision during a radio interview Monday morning.

I like LeSean McCoy, don’t get me wrong, but I totally, 100 percent, I disagree with what he did, Kelly told 97 Rock in Buffalo. You want to kneel? Fine. But when you go and do what he did yesterday, that sort of bummed me out. And I lost a lot of respect for him. … You want to kneel? That’s your prerogative. I would never do that. I will always stand, thank the good Lord for everything I got. But when you disrespect the way he did and just go by his everyday duty in the national anthem being sung? Uh-uh. I won’t go for that.

Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams said late Monday that he believed Kelly and McCoy had connected to discuss the matter. McCoy was not made available to reporters Monday.

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