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White is built like a prototype box safety with outstanding length and size with ripped forearms.

Williams has the body type of an NFL free safety, with 6-3, 200-plus-pound measurables and a frame to add weight. He has the athleticism and quick reactions to be a force in the NFL in the mid-field and in the run game.

White is an explosive, coordinated athlete with great lateral control and center of gravity. White relies on physicality and long arms to stifle routes before they are allowed to develop.

Brandner is the most experienced player on Duke’s offensive line, with over 30 starts to his name. He has great technique in pass blocking and has attitude as a run blocker, though his lack of size hurts him against power rushers.

Rosen understands how to maneuver within the pocket, often stepping up and sliding with two hands on the ball to avoid pressure ready to fire. Rosen has terrific placement and accuracy to all parts of the field and also makes throws with touch and anticipation.

But he is outmatched in this role right now. Imagine if Chandler Parsons (545 minutes played, almost half of Brooks’ 1,057) were able to contribute more. Even in his weakened state, his .096 win shares per 48 minutes and 14.6 PER (in addition to his +1 net rating) would make Memphis better than all of these Brooks minutes. Chandler is doing well this year…but he cannot stay on the court. His knees continue to fail him.

But it is not to be. Brandan Wright was supposed to be the team’s good-to-great 3rd big who could push the pace. Chandler Parsons was supposed to be the bridge between eras, the next good-to-great star player of the Memphis Grizzlies. Neither has materialized as of yet…and it looks like they may do so.

That impacts the current state of things as well. The greatest ability sometimes is availability. Neither Parsons nor Wright have it nearly enough for these Grizzlies.

LaVar Ball and the rest of his family arrived in Lithuania on Wednesday night, prompting a frenzy from the Lithuanian media that looks like something out of a movie. Here’s one video that paints the wild scene.

The Balls are flying internationally because LaVar’s two youngest sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, are joining Prienu Vytautas, a Lithuanian league team. Clearly, the Balls will be as big of a deal overseas as they are here, and if you aren’t sure, just keep taking a look at these photos.

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