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In the short term, the Cowboys need a No. 2 receiver opposite Dez Bryant to help get Dak Prescott back on track. For the long term, Sutton could become the replacement for Bryant as the team’s No. 1 receiver.

Detroit needs to start retooling its defensive line, as age, a lack of versatility and potentially having competition to re-sign Ezekiel Ansah all could be issues this offseason. Hurst is a Michigan man who can bolster the Lions’ run defense and allow them to take high-risk, high-reward pass-rushers later.

After moving down from No. 2 overall and passing on a top quarterback, the Giants can get the draft’s second best running back in Guice, taking some pressure off Eli Manning and finally giving this team a leader in the running game.

Similar to the Browns, there shouldn’t be a consensus on the quarterback the Giants take with the second pick. Rosen has some injury concerns and may be a player who you always wonder about his durability. When Rosen is healthy, though, he’s a classic pocket passer with a quick release and good arm strength and athleticism.

Going with Quenton Nelson with the third pick would be a surprise choice but a logical one because he’s considered by some as the best player in the draft this year. Still, guard isn’t as high of a value in the top five as a pass rusher. Chubb may not be a super athlete for a pass rusher, but he does everything well as a defensive end.

Similar to how Harden has been the best player on the best team in the league this season, DeRozan has been the best player on the best team in the Eastern Conference this season. (At 42-17, the Raptors currently have the best record in the Eastern Conference. They’re 0.5 games ahead of the Celtics and 7.0 games ahead of the Cavaliers.) Even though the advanced stats still don’t favor DeRozan, the changes he’s made to his game and the impact it’s had on the Raptors shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Spoelstra has liked the versatility and effort he has gotten out of backups Kelly Olynyk and rookie Bam Adebayo, which gives him a luxury he did not have last season, when Whiteside could be dazzling one night and frustratingly nonchalant the next. Spoelstra has the ability to push Whiteside by cutting back his minutes.

He has. Whiteside is playing 25.6 minutes per game, which is down from 32.6 last season. His production (14.1 points and 11.7 rebounds) has dropped, too, but on a per-minute basis, he is actually performing better this year.

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The draft’s move to Dallas follows the success the NFL saw in Philadelphia last year, when a new attendance record was set.

Philadelphia raised the bar by taking the Draft to another level, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said upon the announcement. This new opportunity in Dallas will enable us to continue the event’s evolution and grow it even further.

The part that doesn’t is giving up the two best players in the trade and a second-round pick for two inconsequential rentals (Morrow and Lauvergne) and Payne, a former lottery pick who hasn’t shown much in his career. It wasn’t the first or last time the Bulls needlessly threw away a second-round pick. The Thunder used McDermott and that second-round pick to trade for Carmelo Anthony.

June 26, 2014 �� Orlando trades the rights to Dario Saric (No. 12 overall), a 2015 second-round pick and a 2017 first-round pick to Philadelphia for the rights Elfrid Payton (No. 10 overall)

The Magic gave up two future picks to move up two spots to draft Payton, who hasn’t developed into the elite starting point guard they envisioned. Meanwhile, Sam Hinkie ended up with two extra picks and Saric, the player he wanted all along and could have just taken at No. 10 overall if then-Magic general manager Rob Hennigan hadn’t been so easily swindled.

Every single time we spoke about it was that Joe wanted to be a part of the Jazz family, really wanted to be a part of it and wanted to stay here, Renae says. The Jazz were the first team to meet with him, and I remember getting a phone call [from him]. There wasn’t anything about the money, wasn’t anything about the contract. It was, ‘We’re staying with the Jazz family.’

Ingles received a congratulatory text from Hayward after agreeing to his deal. Make sure you get your ass back here, too, Ingles replied. His efforts to the Jazz recruiting effort weren’t enough to keep Hayward from rejoining his college coach Brad Stevens with the Boston Celtics.

Ingles found out about Hayward’s decision along with the rest of the Jazz but had no hard feelings.

Phoenix Suns: Josh Jackson could return to the Suns’ starting lineup on Wednesday, as TJ Warren is questionable against Memphis due to a bruised tailbone sustained in Monday’s loss to the Pelicans. This is worth keeping an eye on leading up to tipoff, as Warren’s status also impacts how many shots Devin Booker takes.

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Pacers’ future hinges on Victor Oladipo being more than one-and-done All-Star

If that does not pan out, the Pacers will be in position to compete for free agents to bolster Oladipo in 2019. The hope is that young players like Sabonis, Myles Turner (who has had a disappointing year) and T.J. Leaf develop quickly and give the team the makings of a promising young roster around Oladipo. That would enable the Pacers to sell themselves �� and their cap space �� two summers from now.

But it all requires Oladipo to maintain and build upon this year’s success. He’s gotten that message.

There was no racial intent in my remarks – false, defamatory charges of racism are a transparent attempt to immunize entertainment and sports elites from scrutiny and criticism. Additionally, we stated on my show that these comments came from an ESPN podcast, which was not the case – the content was unaffiliated with ESPN.

James’ longtime friend and teammate Dwyane Wade wasn’t buying that race didn’t play a factor in Ingraham’s insulting remarks about the King’s lack of a college education.

The 2018 NFL Draft will begin Thursday, April 26 and run through Saturday, April 28. Round 1 will take place Thursday; Rounds 2-3 will take place Friday; Rounds 4-7 will take place Saturday.

For the first time in history, the NFL Draft this year will take place inside an NFL stadium. The league in October announced the Cowboys would host the 2018 NFL Draft, meaning AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, will serve as the host venue.

Anunoby has flashed some potential attacking closeouts. He’s not a threat from midrange �� he’s 0-for-7 on 2-point pull-ups this season �� but he has the athleticism to get to the basket off one or two dribbles, the strength to finish through contact in the paint and the vision to set up his teammates for scoring opportunities if the defense collapses.

It’ll become a bigger part of his game when he’s a more consistent 3-point shooter because opposing teams will make more of an effort to run him off the perimeter when he receives the ball on kickouts.

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Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum is here in town on this All-Star weekend, but not for long. He is heading out on Saturday morning, off to New York. Which is a shame �� he’s always been a thoughtful and approachable guy, as well as talented, the kind of player the league should be highlighting.

McCollum will not be playing in the All-Star game on Sunday, which is understandable, because of the logjam of great players in the West. He was a near-miss on that front.

But less understandable is the snubbing he got from the NBA in the 3-Point Contest. He has been in it the past two years, and he is shooting 42.1 percent from the arc this year �� better than six of the eight players who will be shooting on Saturday night. So I asked McCollum why he was not part of the Saturday night contest.

It can be good for us offensively and defensively, starting all over and breaking everything down from scratch will be good for this team, Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue told reporters after the game, via ESPN. Even guys who have been here, I think it will be good. It will take some time to do that but we’ve got the All-Star break coming up… We’ll try to get those guys up to speed as quickly as possible.

The best part about Ball’s passing? The ball doesn’t stick in his hands. According to, he averages 3.98 seconds per touch and 3.37 dribbles per touch, both of which are low marks for someone who generates as many assists as he does. It makes him an easy player to build around �� especially if he continues to trend upwards as a spot-up shooter �� because he’s a point guard who doesn’t need to dominate the ball to get the most out of his teammates.

Ball’s go-ahead passes are a perfect example of that. To go along with his 7.1 assists per game, Ball has already established himself as a walking triple-double with an average of 7.1 rebounds per game. (The only guards pulling down a greater number of rebounds per game this season are Russell Westbrook and Ben Simmons, and Ball doesn’t possess Westbrook’s athleticism or Simmons’ size.) Ball has struggled to turn those rebounds into scoring opportunities for himself, but it didn’t take long for his teammates to learn that he will reward them with easy baskets if they take off as soon as he secures a defensive rebound.

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The trade deadline created a lot of movement in the 2018 NBA draft. Let’s look at where the top prospects — Trae Young, Luka Doncic, Deandre Ayton, Mohamed Bamba and Marvin Bagley III — might land.

Unlike other countries where players and agents deal with clubs, the NBL will directly contract the players, NBL owner and executive chairman Larry Kestelman said in a release provided exclusively to ESPN. We will make sure the players get the development they need as part of the program with our clubs, giving them the best chance of success.

The NBL provides strong visibility back to the U.S. Our league is closest to the NBA in terms of style of play and game day presentation. We will work to build a program to provide the right access to NBA teams and scouts alike.

The populist commentator was referring to James’ and Kevin Durant’s newest Uninterrupted video with Cari Champion, in which the two NBA superstars and ESPN anchor agree that Trump’s comments are often laughable and scary. Said Ingraham:

I’m numb to this commentary. Must they run their mouths like that? Unfortunately, a lot of kids and some adults take these ignorant comments seriously. Look, there might be a cautionary lesson in LeBron for kids. This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA. And it’s always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball. Oh and LeBron and Kevin? You’re great players but no one voted for you. Millions elected Trump to be their coach. So keep the political commentary to yourself. Or as someone once said, shut up and dribble.

He understands that I’m young and I’m learning, Mitchell says. He’s stern when he needs to be, but it’s also like a light mood. It’s always joyful, always happy.

If Fitzpatrick goes to a team like Chicago it would be as a cornerback. It’s not exactly a stretch for him since he often played in the slot in nickel coverage.

Few players in this draft have as much raw potential and upside than Edmunds, who doesn’t turn 20 until May. Edmunds excels when he makes a read, quickly reacts, and uses his athleticism to shut down a play.

Oakland has badly needed a player who can captain the defense, and Smith can be that guy. Georgia players rallied around the instinctive linebacker, and Raiders players would too.

James may be listed as a safety, but he’s more of a hybrid safety/linebacker. He has the ability to drop in coverage but the size to be an effective tackler and blitzer.

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After striking gold on Marshon Lattimore in last year’s draft, the Saints no longer have a major need at cornerback. However, finding a running mate for Lattimore, coupled with their recent draft success on defense, can turn the historically bad Saints defense into one of the best units in the NFC.

The 49ers will likely look to move down in the draft, taking advantage of their lack of major needs and capitalizing once again on teams looking to move up. Jones fits Kyle Shanahan’s offense, and the team likely isn’t going to bring back Carlos Hyde.

Golden State Warriors: Andre Iguodala’s days as a fantasy option are as numbered as ever. The 14-year-pro is averaging only 5.4 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 3.3 APG and 0.8 SPG this season and usually isn’t worth streaming at this stage in his career. Now a completely complementary player, the only time Iguodala is worth using is when Kevin Durant is out of the lineup.

Houston Rockets: Clint Capela ranked 14th in the league in rebounds per 48 minutes last season with 16.3. This season he has upped it to 19.6, which is tied with New York’s Enes Kanter for third in the NBA. Capela’s 27.2 MPG is the only thing keeping him from ranking in the top five in RPG. Currently, he is tied for sixth with 11.1.

The misconception is that the Jazz’s interest in re-signing Ingles was influenced by their hopes of keeping Hayward. Lindsey insists that’s far from the truth.

It wasn’t a quid-pro-quo arrangement. It was separate, Lindsey says. Now with that said, we wanted Joe in tow before we went to meet with Gordon, just because they’re friends. But we sat with Joe face to face and told Mark that the Joe decision has nothing to do with Gordon’s decision.

Orlando Magic: Aaron Gordon is back on the court for the Magic, which is a great thing after he missed extended time due to a hip injury leading up to the All-Star break. However, a look at his rebounding numbers provides reason for concern. He has just 19 rebounds in 89 minutes in his first three games back, with seven or fewer in each of those games. Rebounding is one of the things Gordon does best, so this is something to keep an eye on in the weeks ahead.

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