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How the Tony Romo release and Tyrod Taylor signing impact the NFL QB market

His next team can negotiate a deal to its liking and won’t have to surrender a draft pick via a trade. Romo was gracious in handling the loss of his job to Prescott this past season, and Jones has returned the favor with a magnanimous parting gift.

The Houston Texans and Denver Broncos continue to make the most sense, by far, as potential landing spots for Romo in free agency. His time to chase a Super Bowl is limited. They are championship-ready teams led by powerful defenses.

But the Bills did the right thing. Taylor perhaps is not an upper-tier quarterback. But he is a productive starter. He is good enough to be the quarterback of a winning team if the right players are put around him. The Bills were wise to make things work with him rather than taking a chance that they could do better in this market.

Now the market gets a little smaller for those teams in need.

In the first wild-card game Saturday, between the Titans and Chiefs, Jeff Triplette and his crew were in the bull’s eye, with fans on social media and Fox Sports commentator Mike Pereira, the former NFL head of officiating, calling out him and his crew.

Imagine how the frustration felt for people who watched both games. Among Triplette’s transgressions was announcing that Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota was an eligible receiver on his touchdown pass to himself because he was in the shotgun formation. Actually, the pass had been touched by a defensive player, which made every player an eligible receiver.

The crew also ruled that Mariota’s forward progress had been stopped when he fumbled after a hit by Derrick Johnson. Replays seemed to show otherwise. Another time, on a Titans first down, the ball was spotted wrongly, forcing a Titans challenge.

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